Suture Pad for Practice Model 4

The Suture Practice Pad provides a similar feel as well as a similar stretch-and-tear resistance to real tissue.

  • Series:Model 4
  • Type:Finished Silicone Product


Layer3 layer
MaterialComposite silicone material
Logo printedAs per customer required
UsageFor medical students suture practice
DescriptionWith customized pre-cuts, all different widths and depths with lots of space to add additional cuts.


The suture practice set can be used for: Exams and study practice, Teaching demonstrations, Practice before starting a real job or residency.


- Lifelike, soft and easy to operate.

- Dozens of wounds precut & full customizable for undermining and flaps

- Unique composite material, silicone resin will not break when pulling the knot. Therefore, you can repeat the practice training until you have full control of the relevant medical skills.

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