Suture Pad for Practice Model 3

This module can be used for training of tissue dissection and tissue shearing, and the special effects of technology can simulate clinical effects.

  • Series:Model 3
  • Type:Finished Silicone Product


Layer1 layer
MaterialComposite silicone material
Logo printedAs per customer required
UsageFor medical students suture practice
DescriptionWith 14 pre-cuts, all different widths and depths with lots of space to add additional cuts.


The suture practice mat is only used for training demonstrations, educational purposes and surgical student anatomy training. It is ideal for physician assistants, nurses, veterinarians and other medical professionals.


- High-quality material, soft, durable and can be reused hundreds of times.

- 3D Stitching Module: Simulate tissue incisions-experience real tactile feedback.

- Unique design suture practice pad, has different pre cut wounds to work on. To provide you with a comprehensive system of stitching skills training. 

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