Suture Pad for Practice Model 1

Ideal for teaching and practice. These suture pads have incisions of different depths and sizes and are ideal for teaching. This is a good way to show different types of incisions.

  • Series:Model 1
  • Type:Finished Silicone Product


Layer1 layer
MaterialComposite silicone material
Logo printedAs per customer required
UsageFor medical students suture practice
DescriptionWith 18 pre-cuts, all different widths and depths with lots of space to add additional cuts.


The 3D suture model is a product required for laparoscopic surgery or surgical practice,designed for the top medical students, next generation doctors, veterinary and taxidermists to refine their suturing techniques. Let them confident that can face all kinds of unexpected situations with ease.


- Examination and study practice.

- Realistic, smooth and easy to operate.

- Unique composite material, silicone / TPR will not break when the knot is strongly pulled. Therefore, you can repeat the exercise until you have complete control over the relevant medical skills.



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