Suture Pad for Practice Model 8

This year we are proud to release our new Dental Suture Pad. Get practice suturing lacerations on the more delicate surfaces of the mouth.

  • Series:Model 8
  • Type:Finished Silicone Product


Layer1 layer
MaterialComposite silicone material
Logo printedAs per customer required
UsageFor dental suturing practice
DescriptionWith customized pre-cuts, all different widths and depths with lots of space to add additional cuts.


Unlike the other suture kits on the market, this oral suture kit is designed for oral suture training. However, you can also use it for skin and muscle suture training. This suturing practice kit includes everything you need to practice your suturing techniques.


- Each pad features precise, pre-cut wounds for suturing in a variety of positions.

- Our oral suture practice kits simulate real oral skin, durable and of high quality, to provide the best human tissue simulation possible. 

- Dentistry is a challenging speciality in which practice is essential. Ensure you are prepared for clinical practice with this lifelike dental suture training kit!

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