Suture Pad for Practice Model 7

Our suture pad is now produced entirely in-house with a new, innovative formula that allows us to keep prices low while delivering the highest quality suture pad imaginable.

  • Series:Model 7
  • Type:Finished Silicone Product


Layer3 layer
MaterialComposite silicone material
Logo printedAs per customer required
UsageFor medical students suture practice
DescriptionWith customized pre-cuts, all different widths and depths with lots of space to add additional cuts.


Designed by physicians for medical, nursing & veterinary students, as well as for surgical, emergency & anesthesia residents


- Pre-cut complex wound patterns to practice closures

- Our innovative suture pad is durable and does not tear, allowing each cut to be sutured multiple times.

- A highly simulated silicone material that realistically simulates human tissue. A complex 3D simulation structure that simulates a variety of different wounds and tissues to provide more stitching exercises.

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